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Episode 6: Who Killed Jaidyn Leskie. Part 3

Part 3 of Who Killed Jaidyn Leskie will go further into the investigation, the discovery of Jaidyn’s body and the trial.

These tragic events took place in the rural town of Moe, in the Latrobe Valley, approximately 130km (80 miles) east of Melbourne, Australia in 1997. Jaidyn was just 13 months old.

I am using the resources and citations from a book called The Jaidyn Leskie Murder by Michael Gleeson and published by Harper Collins Publishers Australia. This is a fabulous book, and I recommend it for a very informative read about this case. I will post a link in the show notes to where you can buy this book.

I’m also using ABC News Australia, The Courier Mail. Plus there’s a bit of Wikipedia as well.


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